You’re unlike any other BUSINESS OWNER

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You brand matters because it’s your platform to bring more HEART & SOUL into the world

Because while working from the heart is a sweet idea, it's not easy.

No, that would never stop you, but it does stop a lotta other people.

So being brave enough to build a brand and business from YOUR HEART is key.

It’s what you’ve got that no one else can ever replicate.

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Because before you discover your legend, running a business can feel like a whole lotta’ jumbled ideas that don’t quite fit together.

You know what you care about, and you know how you help, but crafting a brand identity around that is hard.

If you’re going through that at all, I totally get it.

If you are...

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If this sounds like you, I’m so so so glad you’ve found me. Because this, ↑ All of this, Is exactly what I help with.

My name is

I’m a designer who la-la-loves helping biz ladies become absolute legends online.

and what does it mean to be an

It means embracing the whole truth of who you are
(not just how you want to be seen).

It means bringing every single, incredible part of you to your brand.

It means committing yourself to your dream clients and only working with those who make your heart sing.

It means standing for something even if you think you’ll stand alone.

When you are truly living your legend, everything in business becomes as effortless as a breezy walk on an autumn day

Dream clients start discovering you, instead of the other way around.

Competition fades into a distant memory, because no two legends are ever the same.

Decisions become a piece of mocha chocolate cake, since you know exactly what’s best for your business at all times.

And my legend?

Helping you discover and design your brands, websites & ebooks, with your unique and one-of-a-kind legend at the helm.

So you can flourish online and finally have a digital space that feels authentically you. A space that makes you feel at home, like you could curl up with a hot cup of tea and just cuddle it. That’s how loveably YOU I want your brand and website to be.

Because you are about to make history, an epic impact, and also: some major moolah - just by being fearlessly you and truly living your legend.

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I'm Ready to Unleash My Legend!

Join the legendaries